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Thomas Langley has testified in Federal, State and Superior Courts in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, California, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois and Virginia.
Thomas Langley has testified as an Expert in Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Forensic Mapping, Occupant Kinematics, Low Speed Car to Car Crashes, Low Speed Truck Crashes, Tractor-trailer Electronic Control Modules, Human Factors, Airbag Crash Modules, Scanning Lasers, Laser Baseline Measuring Systems, Speed Reconstructions, Time and Distance Reconstructions, Conservation of Linear Momentum Cases, Kinetic Energy Cases, Forensic Seatbelt examinations, Forensic Lights on or Off determinations and many more areas.
Thomas Langley has 30 years of experience working serious injury and fatal traffic crashes.  Depositons given in many cases (400+) and well over 125 trial appearances.  Thomas Langley has withstood many Daubert challenges.  Understanding the nuances of Traffic Accident Reconstruction and being a Master Instructor from The United States Air Force as well as 100's of group presentations gives Thomas Langley the ability to testify comfortably in front of a Jury.  Recently after being deposed in a multi-million dollar case after coming in to the case late and being deposed for hours, Thomas Langley's client remarked that watching the deposition was like watching a Master at work explaining the intricate and complex series of events that occurred in a horrible crash in Indiana.
While Thomas Langley can't guarantee the outcome of your case we can guarantee you 100% attention and effort.  Thomas Langley and experts by design and definition are an "Aid to the trier of fact".  The reconstruction performed by Thomas Langley is based on the evidence in the record.  Reconstructions are based primarily on the physical evidence that resulted from the crash while attention (understand the subtlety of Attention) is given to witnesses and parties in the case.
Thomas Langley and Company markets to both Plaintiff and Defense firms as well as to Insurance Companies directly.  Thomas Langley also performs Criminal Prosecution Cases for District Attorneys and Solicitors.
A Federal Rule 26 Trial and Testimony List is available by Request.